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The Tattoo Cover-up

The simple truth is that most people can’t afford laser tattoo removal, or surgery, or vanishing cream.  When they get tired of a tattoo (because someone’s name is there they don’t like anymore, or the artwork didn’t work out) the most economical thing to do, is cover it with another larger and more elaborate tattoo. Like trying to fix a bad soup recipe, they have varying levels of success.

Someone’s name is in the black bands below the flower petals.

Someone’s name is hidden in the vertical black bands below the flower petals above. This was clearly a determined effort to forget the past.
This photo was submitted by Chelsa:“had gotten a tattoo with an ex’s initials, worst mistake of my life! waited four years and was finally able to get it covered, 3 and half hours of pain! just not fun, i love the end product tho! 😀 be wise with the choices you make that are on you forever!” 

This elaborate rose is concealing another former love’s name. Tattoo artists will confess that this tests their artistic abilities because they have to find a design that will both adequately cover another design (usually a name), and be acceptable to the person. The problems are:
  1. more ink needs to be used,
  2. the tattoo needs to be larger,
  3. and there is usually more time involved in the process which exposes the person to more risk of infection (more sticks, more blood, longer healing).
The final result varies with the tattoo artist, the resistance of the original tattoo, and the type of skin involved.
This rose covers “Tyrone.” Can you still make it out? Very nice job.
In talking to the people who had tattoos done to cover previous tattoos, one common thread persists: THEY STILL SEE THE PREVIOUS TATTOO AS CLEARLY AS BEFORE.  For whatever reason, the prior image is burned into their brain, and no matter how crafty or talented the tattoo artist, they still see the original image as clearly as before.
Moral of the story. . . think long and hard about the first tattoo, and you won’t have to worry about covering  it up. This next person didn’t care what covered her last tattoo (yes it was a name too). . .as long as it was covered. . . and hurry up!!

These next few cover-ups are from Hart and Huntington Orlando. Just click on the photo and you can go to their site to see more!

Rosie was not forever.

Check out these from Trinity Tattoo in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Thanks Melissa!!

Below is a nice cover up of a tiger about to eat a bird. . .

beautifully done!!

Tiger Cover up


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